Fundación Luz y Verdad de Avellaneda

"Eduardo Alfonso and Delia Marinaro Orphanage"


Av. 40 Nº 1036 ( E/ 19 y 21 )  - ( CP- B7106 ) Las Toninas- Buenos Aires - Argentina

Tel.: (0054-02246) 432-066





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Fundacion Luz y Verdad de Avellaneda is a private welfare foundation and also an orphanage known as “Hogar de Niños Eduardo Alfonso y Delia Marinaro” since 1983.

When the children come to our home, most of them have no dad or mom and are disabled, and the Foundation becomes their home and family for the rest of their lives.

The Foundation also provides food, clothing, footwear, furniture to people in need. So our children also learn to help and share with other children and adults who are in great need of assistance.

The foundation has never received donations from the state or city government and sustains itself through members and the help of a group of friends.

With 41 years experience, the new objective of the Foundation is to think about the future of our children with disabilities, because they will become men and women who always will need long term care, home, food, medicine, physical rehabilitation and everything to satisfy their basic needs.

That's why we've settled down since October 2011 in Las Toninas, La Costa district. This is now our coastal headquarters where we built a homemade food business with rental cabins for 2 people that not only provide us with an income but also a development within our children's possibilities according to their different abilities.

The food we serve is homemade and we personally prepare it from scratch, we develop our own website:    ( )


We built houses and cabins with wood and recycled wooden tables obtained by dismantling pallets which were donated by factories and companies.

The experience made possible the construction of three rental cabins for two people in this touristic area. We develop our own website www.cabañ

All the constructions are built by us with no payment involved.

We invite people, businesses and NGOs to be a part of our friend's list and help us to make possible our aim for our children.

Please, we need your help. Thank you very much.


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